How Temporary Staff Can Help You Open Your Dental Practice Fast

With British Columbia entering its second phase of economic reopening, dental practices are now looking to gradually reopen and return to caring for their patients. However, there are still many unknowns. With information changing daily, dentists and office managers are looking at how they can open efficiently, and with enough staff to properly provide their services.


When dental practices initially closed, this resulted in much uncertainty around keeping or hiring new staff upon reopening. Now, dentists and dental hygienists are looking towards flexible work schedules and hiring that allows everyone to get back to business as quickly, and smoothly as possible.


Bringing on your full-time staff may not make sense right away. However, the option to hire temporary staff can allow you the flexibility you need to quickly meet the needs of your patients.


Today, we’re going over four main reasons that temporary hiring may be the right fit for your practice!

Hire On-demand with No Long-term Commitment

In the early days of reopening your practice, there will still be lots of uncertainty around patient demand, operating requirements, and what providing care will look like long-term. Hiring staff is a major commitment, with both a financial and legal responsibility to your full-time staff. Instead of making a commitment to a couple of full-time staff, temporary hiring allows you to access the assistance you’ll need without any commitments that may have to change.


Keep Overhead Costs Low

When you first begin operating, there will be some fixed costs that are unavoidable - from your office space, to personal protective equipment, and insurance. However, staffing is one area where you do have the ability to limit or control costs as needed. One of the most important things on the mind of every dentist is how to conserve costs to keep your practice open in the long run. By only hiring the staff you need, you are also able to manage PPE costs, benefits, and additional staffing costs that you would incur with a full-time employee.

Expand or Reduce Your Team as Needed

Operating requirements are changing by the day, and this is especially true for the services and number of patients that dental practices can see at a given time. If restrictions were to change, either to allow more or fewer patients at a time, it is important to be able to adjust your staffing levels quickly to meet the needs of your business. From one day to the next you may have an influx or dramatic decrease in booked appointments, and hiring reliable temporary support staff allows you to accurately meet the needs of your practice while reducing the costs and management required of a full staff. Instead of going through the long, complicated process of traditional hiring, temporary support through OpenTemp ensures that you have access to qualified, professional dental hygienists at a moment’s notice.


Flexible Scheduling

While full-time staff would expect consistent, standard work hours, temporary hiring allows you to schedule staff when needed. Have a busy morning and need more hands-on-deck? Bring on an additional team member for support! Have a quiet afternoon or need to close for an inspection or deep clean? Fewer or no staff can help manage costs, reduce stress, and allow you to focus on other tasks.


We know that the coming weeks and months are filled with uncertainty, but knowing that you have options when it comes to staffing your office can provide you with flexibility and resources needed to get your practice up and running quickly.


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