A Step-By-Step Template For Connecting With Your Dental Patients

Keeping in touch with your patients while navigating reopening your practice is important, but can also be overwhelming. You want to reach out, but may not know what to say - something too short may make it seem like you don’t have enough information, but anything too long may lose their attention! Sitting down at a blank screen to begin writing your message can be daunting, so we’ve developed an easy-to-customize template that guides you through the best way to craft a message for your patients.


Sending an email directly to your patient list is an excellent way to cut through the online ‘noise’ of news, social media posts, and promotions. Make sure your patients know exactly what is going on in your practice by using the helpful template below.


Start by expressing that you miss serving your patients, but that you appreciate the hard work and sacrifice that everyone has made to keep communities healthy and safe. Acknowledging that we have all made sacrifices to keep each other safe is a great way of showing your support for other front-line health workers, and helps to create the context for how seriously you are taking health and safety precautions for your own reopening.

Specifics For Reopening

Let patients know your plan for reopening, including opening dates and operating hours. This can also include what services will and won’t be provided, and any potential timelines for partial and full reopening. You can preface this information by saying that it may be updated as new information or regulations are released, but you wanted to allow your patients to begin planning and making appointments as needed.

Safety Precautions

Let your patients know what extra precautions you are taking to ensure their safety. Outline any cleaning, barriers, protective gear, or operational changes you have made to ensure the safety of your staff and patients. This would also be a good section to provide information on how they can protect themselves during dental appointments, and link to any patient forms or requirements you may have of them when coming into the office.

Contact Information

In this section, you can provide information on how you will be reaching out to your patients moving forward, possibly including monthly updates or further direct emails, and other ways to keep in touch with your practice, including through social media or your website. You may also want to clarify that you will be following up directly with patients that had to cancel or postpone an appointment due to COVID-19 if you have not already made that contact.

Conclusion and Follow-Up

Express appreciation for your patient’s understanding and flexibility during this time, and that you look forward to seeing them again soon! You can recap the best methods of contacting your practice, and any next steps that you will be taking for your practice.



All of the sections above can be customized based on your current operations, patient relationships, and different online communication channels. We hope that this will give you a jumping-off point that ensures you include all the most important information your patients need to know while strengthening the relationship you have with your patients.